The wrench icon on your dash indicates that your Honda is need of a vehicle specific service. Honda recommends that you contact a Certified Service Center to diagnos what service your car requires.

Please call 216-932-2400 to schedule a service appointment at your preferred service center - Motorcars Honda. You can also schedule an appointment online.

Your new Honda is equipped with a state of the art feature - the Maintenance Minder System. Based on a number of difficult variables, 2006 and newer Honda models are able to detect when they need servicing. It is critical to the life and value of your vehicle that you contact your preferred Certified Service Center as soon as the wrench icon appears on your dash.

Honda Maintenance Minder System

The Honda Maintenance Minder system monitors the distance your vehicle is driven and the operating conditions it is exposed to. Then it calculates remaining "Oil Life" and shows it on your vehicle display.

When your oil life is between 15% and 0% it's time to come in for service. Your display will show letters and numbers which correspond to various service. Her are the letters and numbers and what they stand for.

A economy Replace engine oil & drain plug gasket only. (Note: See A+ below for the Motorcars Honda recommended service)
A+ preferred Replace engine oil, filter & drain plug gasket. Top off transmission fluid, coolant, washer fluid, battery, and steering and clutch fluid as applicable. Check brake fluid level. Set pressure in four tires. Wash car. (see footnote *)
B All items included in A+ above plus inspect: brakes, tie rods, steering components, ball joint and tie rod boots, suspension components, CV joint boots, coolant hoses and lines, exhaust system, spare tire and fuel lines.
1 Rotate 4 tires to promote even wear. Report tread remaining.
2 Replace engine air filter.
Replace interior cabin dust and pollen filter.
Inspect engine drive belts.
3 Drain and refill automatic transmission with Honda Genuine fluid.
4 Replace spark plugs.
Inspect engine valve clearance.
5 Replace engine coolant.
6 Replace rear axle fluid (4-wheel drive / all-wheel drive vehicles only)
* Footnote: This Motorcars recommended operation exceeds factory minimum requirements

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